Celebrating The Vessel


Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks to the vessel. The ceramic vessel has been the container of life since the beginning of time.  Throughout history, it holds the water and grains for people to live.  Water and foods are contained and.  stored to give to people, livestock, and grow the fields of fruit, vegetables, and grain.  The vessels are used in ceremony for Japanese raku tea ceremonies, babies’ baptisms, and to contain the ashes of our deceased in urns. In Ancient Egypt and the surrounding lands, vessels were used, and may still be used, in the making of ice.  At night, the desert weather drops greatly to freezing.  Ice is made quickly, by filling porous vessels with water. The evaporation through the porous vessels speeds the freezing process greatly.


Artwerker- Ceramics Gallery

Vessel No. 35
is used here in a digital art composition.


Stoneware handbuilt with coils




Robert Martin throwing a vessel on the pottery wheel


Co-worker pulling vessels, bowls, and vases out of the raku firing kiln at 1800 degrees fairenheight.


Raku fired vessel


Stoneware Pitcher


Stoneware Vessels


Porcelain "Wedgewood" Vessel

of a vessel
Vessel No. 4



Painting by
Maxfield Parrish

New Mexico- Native American-
artist unknown

Artwerker- Celebrating The Vessel
The ceramic vessel has been the container of life. Water and foods are contained and stored for people, livestock, and crops.
Artwerker-Artwork & Designs by Robert L. Martin.

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